Weekend Events


The following information is not of a strictly Irish nature (although the soldier’s name is Brian Kennedy), rather it has to do with a member of our Armed Forces (Army National Guard). He is an artist and is having an Art Show on Friday, Oct 4 at the Veterans Outreach Center, which is one of the charities we support. All proceeds are going to support our Veterans . This is right down the street from Caverly’s, so there’s no reason we couldn’t stop by before and/or after.



Johnny’s Irish Pub

Friday the 4th:

Brothers From Other Mothers 5PM

Fat City 9PM

Saturday the 5th:

Paul Strowe (in the Pub) 8PM
Cosco Gladstone & Cosco 9PM (tickets needed for this Red Room concert)

Sheridan’s Irish Pub

Saturday the 5th:
Meyers & McGuire 7PM

 Barry’s Old School Irish

Friday the 4th:
Peg Dolan & Sharon 7PM

Micky Finn’s

Friday the 4th:
Everheart 8:30PM

Temple Bar & Grille

Sunday the 6th:
Peg Dolan & Sharon 7PM

McGraw’s Irish Pub

Friday the 4th:
Dave North 8PM

Saturday the 5th:
Ryan & Rayce 7PM



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