Weekend Music

Caverly’s is hosting the Rochester Police Honor Badge fundraiser on Saturday the 2nd. There will be a variety of Irish musicians present throughout the day. The event starts at around 1pm

Johnny’s Irish Pub

Thursday the 31st:
Open Mic with Bruce Diamond, Joe Grillo, & Steve Piper 8PM

Friday the 1st:
Sinzibukwud 5PM
Steve Grills & The RoadMasters 9PM

Saturday the 2nd:
Shakin’ Bones 8PM

Barry’s Old School Irish

Friday the 1st:
Peg Dolan & Sharon 7PM

Saturday the 2nd:
Barry’s 2nd Anniversary Party
Barry’s Crossing 7PM

Sheridan’s Irish Pub

Friday the 1st:
John Dady 7PM

Temple Bar & Grille

Sunday the 3rd:
Trace Wilkins 7PM

McGraw’s Irish Pub

Friday the 1st:
The Smugtown Stomppers 8PM

Saturday the 2nd:
Benefit for Mariah
Dady Brothers, Peg Dolan & more 5PM


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