Weekend Music

Barry’s Old School Irish

Saturday the 22nd:
Trace Wilkins & Ken Snyder 7PM

Johnny’s Irish Pub

Wednesday the 19th:
Dady Brothers 8PM

Friday the 21st:
Jimmy Jam 5PM
Jumbo Shrimp 9PM

Saturday the 22nd:
Smooth Talkers 8PM

Sunday the 23rd:
Traditional Irish Music Session 5PM

Sheridan’s Irish Pub

Friday the 21st:
Trace Wilkins 7PM

Sunday the 23rd:
Gan Ainm 3PM

Temple Bar & Grille

Sunday the 23rd:
Trace Wilkins 7PM

Comhaltas-Sponsored & Other Music Sessions, Ceili Dancing, Singing

Last Sunday of every month:

Sessions Johnny’s Irish Pub 1342 Culver Road, Rochester, NY

3:00 pm Music Learning Session

5:00 pm Regular session

Every Tuesday night:

Charlotte Tavern 2 River Road & Lake Ave.

7:00 pm (study session)

Saturdays at Barry’s Tea Sessions :

Barry’s Old School Irish Pub 2 W Main St, Webster

2 to 5 every Saturday

Sundays at Sheridan’s Pub: 1551 Mt. Hope Ave, Rochester

Seisiun Dé Domhnaigh (Sunday Session)

2:00 pm to 6:00 pm every Sunday

Set Dancing Every Wednesday:

McGinnity’s Bar & Restaurant 534 West Ridge Road

7:30 pm

No experience, no partner necessary. Instructors: Arlene Miller (585) 663-4438 and Matt Ruf

For current and past news, photographs, and local activities: http://www.irishrochester.org


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