Want to try volunteering at Dimitri House?

Hi all,

I am very enthusiastic about Hibernians volunteering at Dimitri House and hope that a number of you feel the same after listening to the Director, Fran Morse, at our 1/5 AOH meeting. (For those not present, I’d be happy to provide more info, and I suspect you will feel the same way. You can also google their website for info.)

I would suggest that those who are interested do a trial overnight at the homeless shelter with an experienced volunteer, as I did. I’d be surprised if you do not come away as enthusiastic as I was. I felt absolutely no concern for safety, got a good 6 hours sleep, and enjoyed both the guests (who are all vetted and pre-registered)& the other volunteers.

I will be happy to coordinate a trial visit for you. If you want to speak with Fran, her contact info is on their website.

Thanks for considering this – it’s a great opportunity for us to help some folks who really need it. Going forward, for those who want to continue, each individual can sign up for as little as you’d like – perhaps a night or two a month, depending on openings and need. It needn’t be a big commitment.

All the best,
John Grattan
jgrattan17 [mailto:jgrattan17]


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