“Irish Night at the Rochester Americans”. Friday March 13 2015

Please see below the wonderful artwork the Amerks have provided for "Irish Night at the Rochester Americans".

This year, there is an added bonus…..

For an additional 5$, you can wear an official "Irish Night" Rochester Amerks T-Shirt.

Sizes available are S,M,L,XL,XXL. Shirts will be available for you to wear at the game.

Let’s "paint" that party deck green!

(Party deck tickets alone are $25 each).

Please let me know as soon as possible how many tickets you would like to reserve and your shirt size(s).

We were a few tickets shy of a complete sellout last year, only 200 are available.

Our favorite "house band" 1916 will be performing before the game, ICP will be selling carnations and the LAOH will be selling stars for the "star toss" promotion.

We’ve got it all covered (in GREEN of course), hope to see you there!


I can be emailed at cshalvoy with ticket and shirt reservations.


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